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Your body will thank you

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Fabulous sleep

Fabulous sleepI get a better deep sleep scoure on my oura ring whenever I take this. The taste is definitely earthy, grassy and quite strong,



Slept like a baby

I'm always skeptical!... so many products out there and (in my opinion) most don't do anything. I've been pleasantly surprised by this hemp oil. I've noticed a big difference in how well I sleep at night. I've been taking the 1,000 mg twice daily...not sure about which concentration is best, but I imagine all are good.



Definitely the best

Definitely the bestI have been using for months and I can tell you that my anxiety at night is gone. My sleep is way better and it has changed my life. I’m so happy I found Prest Organics! They are the best on the market and I have tried a lot of other. Thank you for helping me and basically giving me my life back.

Daniel C


Thumbs up!

I tried a few different cbd oils and really didn’t have much luck. I saw this recommended on David Wolfs page so I gave it another try. I take a dropper full at night and I’m sleeping better and I feel rested the next day.I also had a neck injury and it’s getting better. I’d give it a try!



Already feel it helping with my chronic back pain.

Already feel it helping with my chronic back pain..Just got my order yesterday. Put 1/2 a dropper full under my tongue last night. Could feel the therapeutic affects within 5 or so minutes. So far so good.



AWESOME product!!!!

Noticed reduced chronic back pain, more relaxed & improved mood & deeper, more quality sleep. VERY pleased with the quality of this oil & the way it is produced. We highly recommend anyone to give it a try, I am sure you won't be disappointed. Would love to get this in Canada so we wouldn't have to pay the exchange.

Brenda B


Trusted Source!

trust the quality of Andreas Seed Oil & Prest Companies. I have been taking CBD from other companies and have decided I will continue with Prest. Even though the taste is strong, and burns my throat, I believe it to be the best.

Diana R

What is PREST?

Experience the power of our potent CBD oil that has an authentic hemp taste - we don't alter the flavor in any way. You'll feel the effects within minutes, or your money back. Achieve calm and balance for a better quality of life by targeting the root cause of your issues and combatting stress. Our patented technology ensures superior potency and absorption, making us the only cold-pressed CBD hemp oil without solvents, additives and preservatives available on the market.


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Just place half a dropper under your tongue and feel the difference. It's that simple! From the inside out, one tiny step toward a better you.